What if you had a seasoned growth marketer on your team?


We are the growth strategists & marketing linchpins that transform scrappy startups into growth powerhouses

You would love to add that “power partner” to your team: a seasoned growth marketer. Someone who possesses the skills to execute your vision, drive growth and accelerate your success. Someone who combines vision with getting his hands dirty. And most importantly, someone you can trust to hit your commercial targets.

But growth marketers are outrageously expensive. Having an in-house growth marketer is a dream for most small and mid-sized startups. But unless you have endless stacks of VC money, good luck hiring one (let alone a good one).


This is where 39Labs comes in 

We enhance your core team with an in-house growth professional, on-demand. We provide the growth strategists & marketing linchpins that transform scrappy startups into growth powerhouses.

No frustration. No hassle. Just a comfortable, ongoing relationship with a trusted growth expert who will be there to achieve amazing results with you. 

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Growth = Good

Fast growth every step of the way.
From concept to scale.

Concept phase

Growth strategy  real growth doesn't happen by chance. A clear growth strategy gives you clarity and focus. Two essentials for driving growth.

Lean validations  running lean is the way to go. We can typically cut the costs of an MVP by 80%, by identifying loopholes and shortcuts for validation.

Hustle & Execution  we're startup people at heart. We like the challenges in the dirty trenches of marketing and sales: close that big account, nail the 5th iteration of the pitch, or cold call leads.

Fundraising -- did you know that investors love growth, too? Actually, that's what they look for above anything else. A growth professional can help you sharpen your pitch deck and raise more money.

Getting to P/M-fit

Sales funnels — in order to scale, your business needs a predictable process convert cold leads into happy, paying customers. We’re the sales funnel architects.

Onboarding — sales is not enough. Onboarding and retention ensure users to get the value they signed up for. Seasoned growth marketers control & optimise the entire AARRR funnel.


Acquisition channels — traffic will always be important. But can you unlock scalable, repeatable growth engines? Sure enough, we can help you out.

Product design — a growth hacker operates at the intersection between product & market. We know how to design, and how to code.


Demand generation — pre-scale this is our biggest focus. Firing up the growth engine, and handling the rocket fuel needed for accelerated growth.

Activation campaigns — we’re not psychologists, but we know what makes people tick. Activation campaigns help users get your core value real quick.


Analytics & data — welcome in the 21st century; we can now track everything. We know how to collect, handle & use this precious asset.

Virality — one of our growth professionals specialises in virality & referrals. Trust an experienced growth marketer to unlock your product virality.

Scaling Up

Education — at this point we’ve typically worked together for 6-12 months. We transfer knowledge & processes, so you can grow without our help.

Hiring & team — along with educating the core team, we help you recruit your in-house growth team. This way we eject ourselves out of your business.


Internationalisation — because we’re working remotely anyway, we really like internationalisation projects, to give niche brands a global presence.

Head of Growth — every now and then the situations demands that we stay onboard as your interim or permanent Head of Growth.

“Blown away by the creative angles that the guys at 39Labs explored. We validated our product (and pre-sold it) before even launching.
— Artem Fedorov @Leansites

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